Who are these people???

If you follow our Facebook page or our blog you might have wondered “who are these people” or “who are Keller and Claire”???  I know I always wonder about stuff like that, but I am nosy. I thought I would write a little autobiography to give you an idea.  (BTW – if you have ever tried to write something like this about yourself you know…this is hard!) I also hope that you forgive my writing skills, I am not a writer and I LOVE exclamation marks!!! 🙂

Amber and Family

Amber and Family

Kristy and Family

Kristy and Family

Keller and Claire is a partnership started in the Fall of 2013.  Amber and I (Kristy) are the main partners and I would call our husbands…um…silent partners. They let us have the start-up money and gave input initially but at this point they just watch the little ones while we do the work.  It’s fine with me, we dress them too anyways and I think they could care less about women’s clothes 😉

We both started working at the school where we currently work in 2006, it was Amber’s alma mater and I was new to the area.  I was hired as the dance team director and Amber was the Cheer Sponsor/Science Teacher (she is smart!).  Let’s just say when you are in charge of drill team and cheerleaders, managing around 60-80 teenage girls, you learn about a new kind of crazy.  There are days when you can’t imagine why in this world you would actually want this job. You begin to question your own sanity (or lack thereof).  But there are days that you love it.  You are making a difference to a child, you get to be involved and we were getting to do what we loved about our own high school experience.  Most of the time, most of the kids were pretty grateful, which makes it worth it.  BUT, we spent a lot of time doing that stuff. I mean a LOT.  Between practice, performances, games, shows, etc.  that job was my life.

We both got married and with babies on the horizon it was time for a change.  For our sanity and for the time we wanted to spend with our families. We had been working on our Master’s in Counseling and were beginning to interview for jobs.  We had shared an office for 5 years at this point and eaten lunch together pretty much every.single.day.  I can’t tell you how many Lean Cuisines  that is, but I think it is a lot.  I literally talked to Amber more on some days than I did my own husband. The thought of being separated to go to new jobs made me sad, I mean really…I didn’t want to learn new people!! As it always happens, God has an amazing master plan. That year 2 counseling jobs miraculously opened up at OUR SCHOOL.  We could not have planned it any better.  We were hired at the end of that year, packed our boxes, painted our new offices (side by side) and became high school counselors.  Our daily lunches didn’t have to end 🙂 And with our new office came new friends to share it with everyday! Our new job also came with new stresses, but more time to spend with our families.

That first year we both had our babies – Amber had Keller and I had Claire.  What would be better to name our new company after than our precious angels?  This idea came about over one of our daily lunches.  If you know Amber, you know that she always looks perfect.  Always put together, always in style, always pretty. She is one of those tall, lean people that clothes were made for…annoying, I know.  I am pushing it at 5’1″ so it really annoys me! 🙂 I love clothes, jewelry, shopping, but more importantly I like to make things happen and I like to organize.  (I am a spreadsheet nerd). I have always wanted to own a boutique or some kind of store but have never had the resources or the time.  When I saw all of the boutiques popping on Facebook with online sales I thought “we can do that!”.  So with a little research, a little money and a lot of time, Keller & Claire was born.

We work full time and we are mommies, so this business is something that we work on at night after the kids are down.  We get together after church on Sunday and make our “shipping department” to send out our orders from that week.  We don’t have any employees, no business background and we are learning as we go. We are truly a SMALL business and we are the ultimate momprenuers.  Starting from scratch and building our way up.  But we are honest, we are hard workers and we are building a business that we can proud of.  Hopefully making a little extra to add to our kid’s college funds! We strive to provide clothing and accessories for people just like us.  Things you can wear to work, date night, weddings, parties or Saturday morning brunch.  Things that are affordable.  Things that are easy to wear and you can mix with other pieces, whether they are from Target or Nordstrom’s.  We also want to make the experience easy.  Register with Soldsie and then when the picture pops up you just comment SOLD and the size and invoice will be emailed it to you.  It is the easiest shopping you will ever do.  Perfect when you are trying to get dinner on the table, giving a bath or running errands.

We hope you enjoy our story (turned out a little longer than I thought…oops!) But even more, I hope you enjoy our store, that you get to shop with us and that you love it!

Happy Shopping!!


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